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The Premier Construction Company for Southwest Florida

Our Mission:
From concept to delivery, Avant coordinates with owners, architects, prospective sub contractors and zoning experts to insure a design that will minimize construction costs and yield the greatest value and superb customer experience.

Our Qualifications:
Avant Construction is licensed (CGC058797) and insured, authorized to offer residential and commercial services in the state of Florida. Avant has been qualified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by the state of Florida. It is a member of the US Green Building Council, the National Association of Home Builders, the National Association of Women in Construction, the American Institute of Architects(Miami Chapter).

Our Pledge:
We do not compromise with quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.
We foster open communication and respect with all our customers, employees and subcontractors.
We treasure repeat business and referrals. They are the true measure of our success.
On Track! - OnTime! - On Budget!

How to Responsibly Hire a Contractor

Make sure to cover the legalities 1st covered from # 1-4

1)      Are they licensed?

a.       Also find out what licenses they have and make sure it covers the work you need done.

                                                               i.      A “Handyman” cannot do the structural, electrical, and plumbing, work in most home improvement projects

2)      Also find out if they are able to do work in your area.

a.       Although it is strongly encouraged to go local, many great General Contractors work across county/city lines. But are they registered with the local municipality to do work there?

3)      Check the contractor’s insurance out

a.       If a contractor says “Yeah we have general liability, workers comp… etc.” but is hesitant to show the paperwork – put up a red flag and call it a deal breaker If he/she cannot produce the documentation.

4)      Ask for a WRITTEN Quote: Do not give 1 penny to a contractor without 1st agreeing to written terms and signing documentation.

a.       It cannot be stressed enough to get a written quote. Make sure it is formatted as a binding contract. If the work = a large sum if $; it is perfectly reasonable to ask your lawyer to review. The quote should also include a DETAILED “SCOPE OF WORK”. This scope of work is the “Recipe” sort of speak that states what the contractor will do also what the contractor will not do or is exempt.

5)      Set up a meeting with your contractor:

a.       Contractors are people too. Make sure they have the right attitude towards you and the work to get done. Also clear communication and your vision for the project will help the contractor be more detailed in the scope of work and avoid “Change Orders”, or hidden costs in a project.

6)      Ask for references:

a.       Think of your meeting with the contractor as an interview. Ask for at least 3 references that are relevant. This could include supply companies, subcontractors, previous clients, etc. Ask to see photos of previous work.

7)      Finally; check to see if there’s any complaints made about the contractor.

a.       Places to go for this information include:

                                                               i.      Chamber of commerce

                                                             ii.      Local Bureau

                                                           iii.      Department of consumer affairs



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Member of the US Green Building Council™ | Member of the National Association of Home Builders™ | Member of the National Association of Women in Construction™ | Member of the American Institute of Architects™, Miami Chapter