Competitive, Remodeling, and Build-Out Services

Avant Construction Inc. in Punta Gorda, Florida, delivers high-quality remodeling services, and build-outs, in addition to pre-construction and new building projects. We offer a full range of construction services that includes competitive project bids, consulting, and customized upgrades.

House Remodeling

Remodeling Services

When it comes to remodeling your current home or business, Avant Construction Inc. handles almost every aspect of construction. Our craftsmen install superior cabinetry and the finest granite countertops; and our in-house decorating consultants are available at affordable rates. Whatever updates you have in mind, we can take care of them. Services include upgrades for:

Kitchens | Baths | Patios | Pools | Customized Carpentry | New Floor Installation | Interior and Exterior Painting

Referrals for Remodeling

Our business depends completely on referrals from satisfied customers. We welcome requests for references on accomplished remodeling projects. Some of these include:

A Preschool for the Seminole Indians | Addition to Historic Goverment Building | Luxury Garage and Connected Breezeway

Build-Out Services

We understand that build-out projects present special challenges, and our seasoned experts will discuss contingency plans with architects, engineers, and owners to resolve any issues encountered. Internal construction is complicated because it requires both demolition and rebuilding within existing structures. Testing and probing structures while referring to outdated, illegible blueprints can be frustrating. Our professionals use years of expertise to anticipate, analyze, and present viable alternatives for dealing with unpredictable discoveries. Whether a structure needs remodeling, or full interior retrofit, Avant Construction Inc. will work with you to create cost-effective solutions to resolve any problem.

Engineering Requirements for Build-Outs

As existing mechanical and structural infrastructure is exposed during demolition activity, build-outs may require engineering "on the fly." To accommodate the prospective new use of the building, the infrastructure may have to be reinforced. In addition, laboratory tests for the presence of asbestos would require special asbestos recovery methods, also known as asbestos abatement.

Home Improvement Tip!

Looking to give your home a drastic change with just 1 project? Get rid of that popcorn ceiling! What is popcorn ceiling? Wikipedia states - "A popcorn ceiling (slang), also known as cottage cheese ceiling or Stucco ceiling or more accurately an Acoustic ceiling, is a term for a spray-on or paint-on ceiling treatment used from the late 1950s into the 1980s in American residential construction." This ceiling treatment can make an otherwise updated nice home seem very dated. But be warned if your going to try and mess with this stuff on your own. Some popcorn ceilings (especially in homes pre- 1970's) may have ASBESTOS! Get it tested! Another issue that may arise is drywall damage. Sometimes ceilings would get the "popcorn treatment" if the ceiling drywall was installed poorly or had cracks in the seems. Interested in getting a FREE estimate on this or other projects give us a call 239-258-2800

Top-Notch Crews | Aggressive Pricing | Highly Qualified Field Superintendents Assigned to Major Projects | Personnel Vetting for Compliance with US Labor Laws | Workers Compensation Coverage | Fully Insured for Demolition and Pollution Control | Management for Compliance with Davis-Bacon Act When Required | Certification and Compliance with DBE and MBE Requirements for the State of Florida and US Department of Transportation | Section 8 Compliance for US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) When Required